Workplace Investigations

Thorough, Fair, and Empathetic

At LeGolvan Law, we conduct impartial workplace investigations from intake to completion in response to employee complaints and concerns, including for allegations of discrimination, retaliation, harassment, bullying, and other allegations of misconduct.

As part of our investigative services, we will promptly interview the complainant, respondent, and other witnesses, collect relevant evidence, and conduct a holistic analysis of the facts and circumstances to conclude whether the misconduct allegations are substantiated. At the conclusion of our investigation, we will provide objective and defensible findings by way of either a written or oral investigation report, which your organization can use to determine next steps for resolution and risk mitigation.

Qualifications and Training

We have extensive knowledge and experience in standard investigatory practices. Our background in employment litigation and advice-and-counsel has provided us with substantive knowledge of the laws and policies related to employment claims and how they manifest in litigation. Further, we have years of formal training and direct experience conducting workplace investigations, which has taught us the investigative techniques necessary to conduct a fair and legally compliant investigation, including how to determine investigative scope, engage in effective interviewing, assess and weigh credibility, collect and analyze information, and effectively deliver the investigative findings. In addition, we have been trained on best practices in anticipation of post-investigation work, which includes implementing proper documentation and document retention practices throughout the investigation.

Investigating with Compassion

We pride ourselves in our empathetic and compassionate approach to investigations. Investigations can be stressful on all parties, including the complainant, respondent, third-party witnesses, and the employer and its stakeholders. We make the experience as pleasant as possible for everyone involved by being transparent, accessible, responsive, and compassionate every step of the way. This approach puts everyone at ease and allows witnesses to feel safe when communicating with us. In the end, we are able to complete our investigations with all the information needed for the employer to make an informed decision on next steps, and to provide all involved parties a sense of closure that often mitigates the risk of litigation.